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We have established teams in London, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia and Thailand which are complemented by representatives in Amsterdam, Taiwan, USA , Singapore and Malaysia. We trade crude oil, LNG, middle-distillate, coal , nickel and nitrogen fertilizers across the physical and financial hubs of Asia and Europe. Our aim is to provide a vertically integrated pla\orm which enables our partners to gain access to physical metals, as well as gain market insights with a competive price edge.

How we add value

We add value by connec;ng counterpar;es, building capacity and developing reliable physical commodity markets in an efficient and responsible way.


Northfield has allocation of LNG from Malaysia, Nigeria and Russia to supply to China.
With professional staff based in Kuala Lumpur, Madrid, Sao Paulo and Shenzhen we have built a premier trading platform. Our Group purchases and sells LNG and Natural Gas under long-term SPAs, as well as other volumes available in the market. Spot sales are made opportunistically under flexible delivery and pricing terms, depending on the customers’ needs.
Also dedicated vessels are chartered to support sales made on a delivered-at-terminal (DAT) basis.

Jet Fuel

We supply our clients with the best quality of Jet Fuels in Rotterdam . With an impressive track record, our products comply with all environmental and safety regulations. Make sure you get the best supplies for your business today. Contact us for more information about this and other products available at www.northfield.group.


We launched our LPG operation in 2005. Today, we provide a reliable, competitively priced supply line to distributors and utilities around the world.
Over many years we have established long-term relationships with national oil companies and oil companies and oil majors We developed a reliable and consistent supply-chain for top quality crude. We transact in over 100 different grades of crude oil and we have presence in all the major trading and production centers.
As a global trader, we can deliver crude anywhere it is required, with a storage capacity of 9 million bbl on land around the world.



Our crude oil business has been built on a constant presence throughout the supply chain, as well as the major oil trading hubs.

Over many years we have established long-term rela@onships with na@onal oil companies, oil majors. We developed a reliable and consistent supply of quality crude.
As a global trader, we can deliver crude oil to anywhere its required. We have 9 million bbl storage capacity on land around the world.



For over 15 years we have been involved in the global middle dis;llates markets, sourcing quality fuels from top refiners in Asia, Europe and South Americas.
Middle Dis@llates markets are subject to daily global structural imbalances in supply and demand. Our local and global market knowledge, allows us to develop supply chains in order to respond swifly to these imbalances.
We have exper@se in the full chain, allowing us to provide efficiency and add value to suppliers and customers around the world.
As a global trader, we can deliver crude anywhere it is required, with a storage capacity of 9 million bbl on land around the world.



Northfield is able to supply nickel and coal from Indonesia origin.
Northfield is collabora@ng with a few reputable mine in Indonesia and ready to supply coal and nickel to our end buyers.
Nickel demand for baZeries, especially for the kind used in electric vehicles (EVs), is growing rapidly. Indonesia holds the world’s largest nickel reserves and leverages those reserves to aZract investment in the baZery supply chain.
In 2014, the country even banned exports of nickel ore to force miners to process the ore domes@cally and thereby add value to its nickel produc@on. Indonesia’s first plant to process nickel for use in baZeries was commissioned in May 2021, with at least seven more projects in the pipeline. The progress of these high- pressure acid leaching (HPAL) projects will be key to future baZery-grade nickel supply, at least in the near term. Today, we sell the Indonesia nickel in semi finished product.



Northfield is able to supply the highest quality of granular urea in bulk, 1,000 kg and 50 kg bags from top producers in the world.
In 2021, the poten@al supply of urea fer@lizers is expected to reach 200 million metric tons. Increasing crop prices lead to increased fer@lizer demands, especially noted in recent years in Asia.
Favorable weather also increases demand for fer@lizers in other major agricultural region in which we trade.
We count with biogas plants developing in South Africa, Brazil, Cambodia and Indonesia for bio fer@lizer produc@on.