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Northfield Global Ltd

A global commodity trading company

Global Trading

With headquarters in London, United Kingdom, Northfield has trading offices and representa@ves in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Thailand, Cambodia, and Europe. Northfield trades in products ranging from LNG, LPG as well as crude oil, middle- dis@llates, coal, nickels and nitrogen fer@lizers.
Northfield sources from a wide pla\orm of producers and suppliers, offers trading, shipping and financing services to power plants, mines, refineries, smelters and consumers of LNG and metal products around the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an increasingly interconnected and prosperous world where physical commodi;es, pass seamlessly from their point of origin to point of need.
We add value to the global trade of natural resources by delivering excep;onal service and performance across the supply chain.

Who we Are

We are a corporate group that provides global energy, commodities and energy engineering capabilities with a
rapidly growing portfolio. Our business encompasses trading, storage, sourcing and assets.

Bridging Energy. For Life.

Global trade brings the world closer together. Expanding the wealth of na;ons, forging common interests and building mutual trust.
In a marketplace where we see commodi;es growing ever-more interrelated, Northfield Global Ltd has a global presence and access to a myriad of commodi;es. We source, ship, store, blend and transact.
Our mission is to be a significant market par;cipant in the future commodity benchmark markets, offering compe;;ve pricing structures and service excellence. We create value for our customers through our supply chains.
We bridge energy infrastructure, skills and our global network to move physical commodi;es from places where they are in abundance to where they are most needed.

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Our Suppliers

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